Things To Know About Croatia Before You Visit It This Summer


Croatia is a mediterranean country with rich cultural and historical monuments. You can find different influences from different eras and a huge range of different cultures. Influence of eternal Rome of Venice Republic of Ottomans of Hungarians…. Here are some interesting things that you should know before you visit it this summer. Croatians invented the […]


Private island – Lighthouse Grebeni Dubrovnik – Croatia

Private island - Lighthouse Grebeni

Lighthouse Grebeni , Dubrovnik – Croatia   Private island – Lighthouse Grebeni  was built in 1872. The lighthouse has a role to help mariners for safe navigation and peaceful entry into the port. In the port of Gruz. The light at the lighthouse is now automatic and single-story becomes a perfect holiday home. Alone on […]


The perfect ad – Volvo FH 540 – Croatia

VOLVO3 Volvo and Croatia The perfect ad for Volvo and for Croatia. Mutual commercial is the best possible cooperation. Volvo FH 540 and Croatia is love. The Swiss auto industry recorded a commercial in Croatia. The main actors are: VOLVO FH 540, driver Louise Marriott and professional paraglider Guillame Galvani. Advertising was shot in the multiple […]