How to Spend 72 Hours in Zagreb. Advent time in Croatia.


 How to Spend 72 Hours in Zagreb. Advent time in Croatia.

During the holidays spent in Croatia certainly won t leave you indifferent.

Zagreb- not without reason called “ Little Vienna”, “Our Zagreb” got the title of Best European Christmas Market by the survey Best European Destinations and won twenty large cities.

Zagreb has a soul, we want you to feel it with us. We would like to introduce  you croatian customs of celebrating Christmas , croatian traditional cuisine during the winter idyll.

Day 1,  27.12.2016. Zagreb – city tour: “Christmas spirit of the city”

Arrival at the Zagreb airport.

Reception and transport with organized transfer to the hotel.

Leisure time. Afternoon sightseeing of the city . “Christmas spirit of the city”. Enyoy.

At 16:00 pm is departure in from the hotel.

Walking through Zagreb through a combination of architecture and tradition of celebrating Christmas, our customs and  Nativity scene will leave wonderful memory .

Through 2h walking and sightseeing Zagreb in completely different attire, our guides will help you absorb every detail to give you our advent advent will remain in wonderful memories. Our tourist guides, always friendly with a smile will walk you through the Christmas spirit of the city.

Advent Zagreb

It starts on Kaptol. The guide will lead you to the Chatedral and tell you the historical part of its splendor. At the entrance of the chatedral you”ll see 13 century old frescoes and marble altar which magnifies a full picture of cathedrals interior. Watching  Nativity scene with actors and animals, Betlehem, listening traditional Christmas songs with number of people gathered around them, you”ll have a feeling that the time stopped. Continuation of sightseeing is at Ban Jelačić square where is traditional Christmas fair. Hosts of various stalls decorated with christmas twinkling lights and ornaments wi”ll offer you. The best handmade products such as: christmas decorations, candy, souvenirs and other traditional gifts. It”s an ideal place for shoppinf presents for your loved ones. And for you tu have a memory on this advent journey.

Walking trough the Flower Square your foot steps will be fllowed by classic and jazz melodies performed by our musicians. Step by step with our guide you arrived to the last stop – Zrinjevac park.

You”ll have a feeling like you entered in fairytal. Liehting trees in the park add a special touch to your and our fairytale. In the park Zrinjevac you can enjoy in Croatian traditional specialties like: homemade strudels and fried apples and stay warm with a cup of boiled wine and bratwurs sausages. Your guide will leave you there and you are free to spend the remaining time at fest enjoying the sounds of Christmas tunes.

Overnight stay


Čazma – Christmas fairytale Salas family

Day 2, 28.12.2016 Zagreb – Čazma – Christmas fairytale Salas family.


Leisure time 1:00pm. (If you want to explore the city independently, or have cup of coffee or tea, we recommend you Ban Jelačić square, a few minutes from the hotel where you can feel at home.)

1:00 pm arrival to Čazma– Christmas fairytale Salas family. This year Salaj family is celebrating fifteen years of existence with us. The family property on 60.000 square meters, with special love filled every single square of the property. It is really special in: winter advent. Walking trough the estate decorated with 1.8 million light lamps, arranged grasslands, little paths, forest, islands, streams and lakes is breathdaking. Some other world. Million stars at the sky and 1.8 million light lamps around you is a Christmas fairytale.

Using as many words, photos as possible to describe you the place can”t depict something that unique and beautiful. It will get you back to your childmood and you won”t be aware of it. Photoeraphs by the frozen lake or with pinguins, north pole with Santa Claus remain for life. If you are feeling tired, feel free to sit and get some rest with homemade food that cures everything. Well prepared domestic food, various croatian specialtes will statisfy your needs. Taste the domestic wine.

At 7:00 pm is departure from Čazma.

Expected arrival time is at 8:00 pm to Zagreb.

Free rest of the time. ( We recommend you Ban Jelačić square for going out and socializing. You can take a walk to Christmas market and have a peek what our christmas houses hosts are offering.

Overnight stay.


360° panorama.

Day 3, 29.12.2016 – 360° panorama of city


Free time. ( We suggest; little gallery, mushroom museum, croatian sport museum, fontana Meduševac – the fountain of great importance for Zagreb.)

3:00 pm.

Sightseeing of the city; 360° panorama.

It”s time time to see Zagreb from bird perspective. On the 16 th floor of a skyscraper. Prepare your cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and  perpetuate the view. You will se Ban Jelačić square (where is your hotel) and Christmas fair, Zagreb cathedral, upper and lower town. Take pictures and enjoy the view.

Leisure time.


(We suggest; Zrinjevac park , archeological museum…)

Overnight stay.

Get some rest.